Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Weekend

Well my friends its has been busy around my place lately.
I have had time to hang with friends and little baby's.
I did get to watch my first football game of the season, Chiefs vs. Giants...Chiefs won!
I got to go to my first bonfire of sorts Sunday night with a group from our church which was so much fun :)

Last night the Hubs surprised me with an amazing at home date night! I got off of school at 3 pm so I came home and there were candles and the hubs was dressed up in a tie. He looked so handsome ;)
He made me dinner and we danced in the kitchen! We ended up taking a nap (which I needed badly) Then watched a movie with ice cream. BEST DATE EVER! and it was at home!

I also got a new Bible this past weekend which I love so so so much! It is so new and exciting it makes me want to read it every day to learn something new!

I want to take some time to thank God for a quite life right now, it is peaceful but exciting and not to stressful. So thank you God :)


P.S. Happy FALL!!!! Yay October :)

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