Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

As you can see the Hubs was super excited

My cute little mint pumpkin

Me and My man :)

I painted the three on the right, the other was the big mans

Our final pumpkins, the Hubs did the big one all my himself and I love it!

Me and my momma making jalapeno jelly!

  • My cousins Wedding shower: The whole family came and we played cards and ate our hearts out on yummy soup and my home made bread. 
  • Getting to have breakfast with my grandpa and talking to nice old men that say I'm pretty :) 
  • Having a great church service and seeing old friends. 
  • Watching the most gory episode of The Walking Dead yet.
  • Painting gold pumpkins with the Hubs! 
  • Great weather but cold. 
  • School from 8-3 not really all that fun.
  • Getting to come home to my Hubs is that best part of my Mondays
  • Getting to make more home made bread and my famous noodles at my parents. 
  • I also got to make home made jalapeno jelly with my mom. 
  • Watching 42 the movie about Jackie Robinson with the Hubs and my parents. Such a great movie! 
  • Getting to train the new girl at my job. 
  • Free chili at work because it is community week! 
  • Joining The Great Christmas Exchange 2013. I wanted to do the mug exchange but was to late. so now I get to do the Christmas Exchange :) I am super pumped. check it out at Oak and Oats 

How was your weekend friends? Let me know :) 

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