Tuesday, November 26, 2013

{ 6 Month Anniversary }

Wedding Day

Today is the day! 6 whole months. I really can't even believe that life has gone by so fast, we have had our great days and our not so great days. Here is a look back from the last six months.

Favorite Moments: 
  • Missouri State Fair- on the way home we were so much into a discussion that Kiel didn't realize we were out of gas so we had to push the car to a gas station. 
  • Road trips to Chicago-stopping in the middle of Illinois to look at the stars and going to the Old Spaghetti Factory. 
  • Halloween- going all around town to find Duck Dynasty beards. 
  • Christmas Movie- Watching Christmas movies with you on your nights off. 
  • The Office- watching almost all of the seasons of the Office for like a month every night. 
  • Sleep Overs in the Living Room- These are so much fun ;) 
Things I Have Learned: 
  • It's not all about me anymore
  • Don't compare your marriage to anyone else, "Don't compare your chapter one to someone else chapter 20."
  • Sometimes you just have to let thing go and move on. 
  • Be the first to forgive! 
  • Try not to take everything personally ( I am still working on this one.) Maybe the Hubs had a bad day at work and it has nothing to do with you. 
Things To Work on in the Next 6 Months: 
  • Not taking things personally
  • Laugh more! Lighten up!
  • Pray for my Husband Every day. 
  • Try not to be like a mother and more like a Wife. 
~Alysse Hobbs

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