Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Baby Fever...

So I have had some freak out moments this past month. It all started when I wasn't feeling good one night and my Hubs made the joke, "You could be pregnant." Um I better not be! was my response. from then on I have heard baby everything. The Hubs parents came into town about two weeks ago and we went over to my parents house and the moms started talking about when they had me and the Hubs. Great, awesome...more baby talk. and this has continued for about three weeks now. I really do hope that I am not pregnant. I mean I don't have time right now for a baby at all. I still have about a year of school left and now would be a bad time. I don't really think I am pregnant but all this baby talk has me creeped out! but if I am I will not complain either :)

Here are a few baby things from my Pinterest board.

if we had a baby boy, I love bow ties

LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors together!

how cute is this little guy!

~Alysse Hobbs (aka the worried girl...)

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