Thursday, November 14, 2013

Brownies and Coffee

Last night I had some time at home to just chill (which was much needed!) so I made some homemade brownies! They are gooey and so yummy :) I made the recipe right off of the Nestle Cocoa box.
This morning I woke up and headed to work. I got my morning coffee and brought the brownies (the Hubs says I can bake but then take it to work, so he doesn't eat it all) so I brought the brownies to work. They are pretty gooey and fudge like so I hope they cooked all the way :) but they are rich and good!
School has been crazy lately, I really only have like three weeks left including finals week. I still have a lot to do. This week I taught two lessons at two different schools and they went really great! But now I have to write reflections for them which will take a while :(

Life is so much better than a last week which is really really nice. I feel calm and collected.
Thank you Jesus for keeping me this way!

~Alysse Hobbs


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