Wednesday, November 27, 2013

{ Lets Play a Game}

 Oak & Oats is putting on a game today! 5 Random Facts about yourself, so I thought I would join in :) Here we go...

  1. I Love Josh Groban. Like obsessed. In high school on our long band trips I would listen to his wonderful, amazing, angelic voice and fall asleep. Oh his voice is so great. 
  2. Beef Jerky, I love beef jerky also and my grandpa used to make it for me a lot but after he got sick he hasn't been able to make it, which makes me really sad. 
  3. I like making homemade bread, but I do not have a dutch oven pot so I can not make it at my house so I have to make it at my parents, but if I get one for better watch out because it will be bread making time! ( I can be the Ginger Bread Woman, hehehe)
  4. I can not stand being late to anything. I am very type A, organizer, never be late person; but my husband doesn't seem to whether we are late or not which drives me crazy! 
  5. I don't like painting my nails...let me explain. I do like painting my nails but I have bad cuticles, so every time I paint my nails my cuticles get bad and I get hang nails and it just hurts. I would love to paint my nails everyday in a new color but it just hurts to bad. Silly cuticles! 
Join in! If you do leave me a link in my comment section below so I can see your post.
If you are traveling this weekend, be safe!

~Mrs. Hobbs :) 


  1. i once worked with someone obsessed with Josh Groben and we listened to him non stop!

    1. I just love his voice! and I think he is cute lol