Friday, November 1, 2013

October to November

Minions from someone at my work, pretty cute!

Hello All, 
I am sitting at work enjoying some coffee thinking back on October and what is to come in November! 
Here are a few picts that sum up what I did this October 

This is on my Campus here in Missouri
I love, love, love the green and orange's and reds in this tree

another very pretty tree!
Pretty colors!

A big view so you can see all of the trees, I was in class when I took this so I was on the third floor of a building

The top picture is me and my Hubs as Duck Dynasty as a party and the bottom pict is of the clouds from yesterday..kindof scary!
Happy November 1st! p.s. I made this!
So I asked the Hubs this past week when we should put up our Christmas stuff (my family usually waits till after Thanksgiving) but I wanted to make new traditions with my family now. So we decided November 1st which is today! so this evening is dedicated to probably cleaning a little and then getting some Christmas stuff out. 
This past week we went to Hobby Lobby and all of their Christmas stuff was 50% off! 
Yay us! 
So we got our first stocking and lots of other fun Christmasy things :) 
I love Christmas so much!! 

~Alysse Hobbs :)

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