Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Grace of God

This morning I was on my way to class and my car decided to give up. The battery was acting weird and I found out my alternator has fried my battery and is also broken...yup that puts up back about $350 bucks. not cool but these are some things I am grateful for today.
  • A husband who holds me when times are rough
  • The grace of God that helped me make it to Wal-Mart this morning when I thought my car would give out. 
  • The fact that the piece we need for my car can't get here till tomorrow...but I get paid tonight so it will cover the cost :)   (God shows up in all sorts of ways.) 
  • A wonderful Gram who picks me up, gets me breakfast and takes me to work when my car is broken. 
I had a horrible day yesterday but today I just won't stand for it. God has blessed me and kept me safe today so I choose to praise him.

~Mrs. Hobbs

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