Wednesday, December 4, 2013

{ Christmas People! }

Oh I have so much to do! Today I have some coupons so I am headed to Bath and Body Works to buy two things (One is for my Christmas Exchange person!) and the other item is for my husband. I am super excited. I have three Secret Santa type exchanges so I have a lot of stuff to buy. I have the shopping for my husband almost done. I think I have one more things and stocking stuffer's that I want to get him. I still need to get a few things for my Christmas Exchange person but I am super excited! I already know most of the stuff I am getting for Christmas this year, which makes me really sad but happy at the same time because I love all of the items! Oh and we are expecting snow this weekend! well tomorrow...but I am super excited! This weekend we are planning on cutting down our first Christmas tree! YAY! That is all for today my friends!

Stay Warm!


p.s. I got Netflix back and I have already watched three episodes of Dr. Who!

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