Wednesday, December 11, 2013

{Christmas Tree & Pinterest}

Last night we Finally went to get our Christmas tree. The place was pretty well picked over but we got the perfect 5 ft. tree. It is short, plump and round! (it's so cute.) The Hubs and I had a hard time at first because it is a real tree and our tree stand (that we borrowed from my parents) is usually used for big trees so our little 5ft tree did not fit will into the stand...the Hubs was not to happy about that but we finally got it in there and standing tall and proud. (I will have pictures soon :)

I also wanted to share my last three pins from Pinterest as a new addition to my Wednesday posts.
Enjoy :)

How amazing is this color! I love the skirt with the black and the statement necklace!

I love this little alcove!


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