Monday, December 2, 2013

{ I'm Back}

It has been one crazy week! We had two Thanksgivings, Black Friday Shopping, starting new crochet projects and so much more. My Thanksgivings were great, lots of turkey and ham, my favorite is deviled eggs! My great aunt made about ten homemade pies so we had tons of food. Black Friday was amazing because for my Christmas from my parents they bought me clothes! I needed new clothes so bad so I was really really excited. I also bought myself some new black shoes, a Aztec print sweater and a purse and watch (the purse and watch are for Christmas technically) so I am waiting till Christmas for the purse and watch. I saw Frozen also! Such a great movie!

Black Friday Shopping

My crochet project! a blanket and you start in corner, so cool! 
My awesome fridge! I love it so much!
I can't wait till Christmas!!! 
I have so much to do still. 


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