Friday, December 13, 2013

{The Hobbit and Such}

Last night the Hubs and I went to see the Hobbit at the midnight premier.
  1. I don't like midnight premiers because people are loud and annoying. 
  2. I do like midnight premiers because if there is a funny part in the movie (which in the Hobbit there was) people laugh and when you get close to 100 people laughing it is a great sound that makes me happy. 
The movie was really really great, but I am running on 4 hours of sleep because I had to get up at 7 am this morning for work. I am not your average college kid that can stay up really late and make it the next day! I need my sleep (trust me). It was worth it though I think.

We also have another Winter Weather advisory for my part of Missouri till tomorrow evening :( this time it isn't pretty snow but it is ice/sleet/ and lots of rain. I do get to sleep in tomorrow though which I am super excited about!

I still have lots of Christmas shopping to do! (I had better get on it!)


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