Thursday, December 5, 2013

{ Winter Storm? }

Here in MO, we are suppose to get some bad weather. So far all I have seen in sleet and a tad bit of snow. I have a class at four that I really don't want to go to so I would love to have class be canceled but I have that bad feeling that class will still be on. On the radio this morning I heard that a lot of school were actually letting out early! Which at that point it had not even spitted snow yet, but I guess the little ones should be at home safe and sound, us big kids have to face this weather head on.

We ( the Hubs and I ) went to my parents last night to get the tree stand because we are getting a live Christmas tree this year...we forgot the stand again! This would be the third time we went to my parents to get the stand. I can't believe we this a sign? I hope not because I really want my Christmas tree to be up! Hopefully it will be up by Sunday. I will keep you all updated.

Are you catching any of this storm?


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