Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 A Year in Review

This year was a great year and I can't wait to see what happens this next year! In January I quit my job I had had for almost four years, I also found out we were going to Ireland that May. 

In late April we adopted Zeus from the Joplin Humane Society (this was his first picture!)
A beach in Ireland in May
A bridge suspended a couple hundred feet in the air in Ireland

Some of the best Breakfast in Ireland, famous writers would eat here! We also celebrated our one year anniversary on the way home from Ireland. 

I started student teaching in August and it was one of the best experiences of my life!
I spent a lot of time with family!
For Halloween we decided to be Vikings! We were obsessed with the show Viking on the History channel this year. 
Merry Christmas 2014
This picture was taken last night and it shows my best friend and husband! 

I can't wait to see what happens this next year. We will be celebrating our second year anniversary, I will be getting a "big girl job" since I graduated this year as well, and hopefully going to move! 

What was your favorite part of this year? Mine was Ireland of course :) 


Monday, December 29, 2014

Room Make over!

Christmas was so great this year! My mom and I went shopping for a new picture and lamps for my living room. I wanted the apartment to look more put together and "grown up" and I got my wish! The day after Christmas my mom, aunt, sister and cousin came over and completely took over the place and I got a room make over! 

Picture from Hobby Lobby!
Couch thanks to the cousin and one of my lamps
Chair from the in-laws, I crocheted the blanket on the back of the couch (which I will move later) and the other lamp!
The new dining room and coffee bar (thanks to my sister and my cousin!)
Coffee Bar! I always wanted one!

My sis and I! 

Christmas was good this year and my cousin in pregnant so next year we will have a baby around! I love my new apartment area and can't wait to have company over! 


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Tree 2014

For two years in a row we have waited till the last minute to get a Christmas tree. I am not sure why, because I LOVE Christmas and the Christmas tree. This year the Hubs wanted to cut a tree down at a tree farm and man was I Pumped! I have always wanted to do that with my husband growing up and it was finally time. So....I called the tree farm. It was closed. Last year was their well...last year for trees. I was so sad, so we tried going around town to find a tree farm and there were NONE! Can you believe that :(

We finally decided to head to Home Depot and found a Fur tree instead of a Pine and I love it! No pine needles everywhere and it is so tiny and cute! Here is a peek of my lovely tree that took us Forever to find! 
and Yes I did write that on my chalkboard, I was pretty proud of it! 

Getting the tree! 

Helping me out :) He is so handsome! 

So dear friends, what puts you in the Christmas mood? 

~Alysse Hobbs

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Living Room Inspiration

Last night my mom and I went shopping! Probably a bad idea because we spent some $$$$ last night lol but it was all for my Christmas. I usually hate  really dislike knowing my presents before Christmas but the older you get, you end up knowing almost all your presents. My parents decided to get us furniture for Christmas which I am super excited about! Because our couch is from the Hubs bachelor days and it's really old and gross. Our couch is used but my cousin and aunt are the only ones that have owned it so it's legit :)

Here is some of my inspiration for our Living Room make over!

1. I love the black and white! The fox pillow is the cutest and the throw is Amazing.

2. The rug is perfect and gold is going to be my accent color for now! 

3. Even though this is a desk, the colors are perfect and part of my inspiration!

4. These pillows are just to die for! The black and white is perfect. 

I can't wait to show you all what I am going to get for Christmas! What is your favorite color combo right now? 

~Alysse Hobbs

Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Christmas Wish List

Hello friends!

Yesterday I graduated from college and I can't believe it's over. Christmas is in 11 days, I think, so here are a few things on my Christmas Wish List!

1. I am so in love with the colors white, gold and black. This is the plan for my future house for the living room!

2. Yankee Candle is one of my favorite candle stores! I wish I had more candles in my house, I enjoy candles so much and love the idea of having them lit all the time.

3. L.L. Bean Boots are just so cool! I need some winter boots and these would be perfect. I like the black better than the blue but hey anything would be perfect!

4. One Direction Four, I know I'm such a fan girl but hey I missed out on Backstreet Boys so I need to have a fan girl moment.

5. Make Up Brushes is what I am in need of! These are only $15.69 right now, can you believe that? So many brushes. Pink isn't my favorite color but I need some new brushes :)

Christmas is almost here friends! I hope your time is filled with family, love and Christmas spirit! Here is to the best time of the year!

~Alysse Hobbs

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's That Time

It's that time of the year! Christmas is coming, parties are starting and trees are being strung with lights and beautiful bulbs. 
First Christmas party with our church small group!
Someone wanted to help me wrap my white elephant gifts
The lovely ladies in my cadre from school
Christmas party love
Thanksgiving time 
All the super cute gifts my children got me from student teaching!
Cap and Gown! Less than two days away...

We have not put up our Christmas tree yet because the Hubs want to cut one down this year! Which I am super excited about because I have always wanted to do this. More Christmas pictures to come! 

~Alysse Hobbs

Friday, November 28, 2014

Fan Girl Moment

I am going to pull a fan girl moment, #sorrybutnotsorry 

I am a total 1D fan. Not one of the crazy's but I do enjoy there music and Liam is definitely my favorite probably followed by Niall (because he is from Ireland). 
I mean check out this video! Imagining being on one of these dates lol 
sounds like fun to me! 
Enjoy my silly fan girl moment :) 

~Alysse Hobbs

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Grad Cap Love

Well friends, it's almost here! I graduate in 17 days. I can't believe it. Life goes by so so so fast! I only have three days left in my classroom and I don't want to leave :( I love these kids and I will miss them so much! Here are a few ideas that I like for my graduation cap decorations!

You get the idea! The last is my favorite!!!!! The apple and my name would be perfect! 

~Alysse Hobbs

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Props to the Hubbs

Just us 
Mr. Hobbs Birthday (28, he's old lol) 

I love my husband and sometimes he drives me nuts but that is real life :) I don't know what I would do without him. He is my best friend and makes me laugh everyday. Just wanted to give him props because he is so amazing. 
I hope to post some snow pictures soon! 40 days till Christmas and 26 days till Graduation! Time sure does fly. 

Who would you like to give props to and why? Let me know, I love comments :) 

~Alysse Hobbs

Thursday, November 13, 2014


My latest Pins that I just love I don't have a ton of time anymore to be on the internet but when I do I seem to always be on Pinterest. Here is my latest favorites...
Got to love help in the wardrobe department!

White  in the home is what I have been into lately. Like a lot! LOVE IT

How much do you love this Vintage Christmas Card

Tea Cups and pots are the best! I love the coral and gold combo. 

Only a couple more weeks until Graduation and then Christmas. I can't believe how time fly's. I am once again losing my voice :( being around kids can lift you up or make you sick... 
This past week we also celebrated Mr. Hobbs birthday (28 years old) he robbed the cradle with me :)
Life is moving so quickly but I am loving every second of it! 

~Alysse Hobbs

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Let's Be Real

As I sit here and drink my afternoon coffee I am thinking about Christmas music, in-laws and cleaning. Now two of these go and in-laws. The family is coming to town this weekend for Kiel's birthday which I am excited about but also I have a lot of cleaning to do which is not fun at all.

Finances have also been very hard for us lately. I have not have a job in about a year and it is really taking a toll. I am so grateful that we are Not the couple that fights about money because if we did we would be in big trouble. Kiel and I have pretty good communication when it comes to money. I am honestly really excited to start working again and making money. People always think that money doesn't bring happiness. Now sometimes this is true but it really does suck when you don't have money.

My goal this month is to read my Bible more. I have grown up in Church and I have been a Christian since as long as I can remember but I am very bad at reading my Bible. The Bible is suppose to be our manual for living here on Earth and I need to practice... I enjoy reading the Bible and I am going through Jesus's life right now and I am really liking it. Here are the chapter in the Bible about Jesus's life I have read so far.

Luke 1: Preparing for Jesus' Arrival
Luke 2: The Story of Jesus' Birth
Mark 1: The Beginning of Jesus' Ministry
Mark 9: A Day in the Life of Jesus
Matthew 5: Sermon on the Mount

I have 9 more chapters to read after these. My relationship with God has suffered especially since I have been married and I am ashamed of this fact.

Well I feel a lot better letting some of this stuff out of my mind. Life is busy and that is okay, we always need to find ways to do what we enjoy though.


P.S. I am also thinking about Christmas music because it is on the radio and I really want to listen to it but feel guilty because it is way to early to do so.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Remembering on a Rainy Day

Viking Hair for Halloween
My talented Dad's first try at wood carving. He is legit
We are pretty tuff Vikings :) 
Homemade Apple Pie and it was delish!
The beauty of camping and no make up :) 
Tent in the living room with this handsome man!

He looks like he doesn't like the sweater but he really does lol 

School is going great and I love it. Graduation is in about 6 weeks and then I will be looking for a job. I can't believe it. Today we had off and it has been nice to relax at home and not do much. Halloween was fun but I can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Every year I want to listen to Christmas music earlier and earlier but I am trying to wait till Thanksgiving or close to that time. I sure do love Christmas! The Hubs birthday is this next week and we aren't doing much. His parents are coming to town. Life has been tough lately with our finances so I am ready to get back in the business of earning $$$. Well friends I hope your caught up a little in my life. I also found this a few minutes ago! Oh how I love JT : ) check it out! 

~Alysse Hobbs