Thursday, January 30, 2014

{Car Maintenance}

This past week we had some car trouble again! Our night started out with watching Walter Mitty ( I though it was okay, seemed predictable to me) My husband really liked it. We went outside and our tire kind of blew. I don't really know how it happened. So we made it to WalMart (the one we went to didn't have a tire place) and so you see my Hubs in his Duck Dynasty hat he bought trying to fix our tire. Now this night was about 20 degrees but the windshield put the temp in the single degrees. It was COLD! Anyway the tire would not come off! We drove home on it (bad idea) by the time we got home the tire was shredded and we had left rubber on the road. 
So that night we called a tow guy. The original guys did not show up so we had to call another tow place. These guys were so great but the tow trucks hydraulics were not working so the owner (the guy in the overall, I love overalls lol) had to bring a trailer. 

We ended up getting the car taken care off but man it was a rough morning! That night I got sick :( 
This was where we watched our movie! 

More to come on my birthday presents but I wanted to get this story out there because it was so crazy. I hope you all are having a great Thursday, I am at home sick :( but tomorrow is Friday! 


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