Thursday, January 2, 2014

{ A New Start }

Well the past few weeks I have been keeping a secret...( no I am not pregnant lol) but I am leaving my job. I have know for probably two months but this past week my boss let everyone know. I am very sad to be leaving but I am excited because I am moving on to a new part in my life. This semester in school will be pretty crazy and busy. I have been at my job for 3 1/2 year and I can not stay this semester :( I am going to miss all of my friends! I am applying for evening jobs which is weird because I have not had to apply for a job in over three years. I don't even know where my resume is!

Anyway I  have been looking and I am ready for something new! If you think of me this week pray that I have favor and get the right job for me. My last day is Jan. 10.

Thank you all :)


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