Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{Time Off}

This past week I had off Friday and Monday with the Hubs, which was so so much fun! Yesterday was 60 Degrees here! (What What!) and today well not so good, but back to yesterday, we went on a walk at our local Nature Center and man was it packed! It was so nice out that everyone wanted a piece of the sunshine. I was just super glad to get out of the apartment.
I got to watch a few movie on Netflix this weekend and I came across Mona Lisa Smile.
Such a great movie! It came out in 2003 which is super weird that it seems so long ago. Anyway it reminded me of the movie The Help. I really enjoyed the movie.
I really like not having a job at the moment but it is harder for me to get things done because I just want to relax and enjoy this time, but alas I have to do homework and get the house clean.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday :)


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