Friday, February 14, 2014

{Valentines Day}

What a wonderful day! Today was so perfect, I think it's really funny that now I am married I do not need tons of stuff or lots of chocolate, I just want time with Kiel. Which is what I got today! A whole day with my husband :)
I made some hearts with words or sayings on them and put them around the house this morning, Kiel loved them! 
I am so in love with these plates! If anyone knows where I can find these than please tell me ASAP!  
Dessert crepes the Funky Monkey, banana, nutella and homemade whipped cream!
Black and Blue crepes (steak and blue cheese) and mac and cheese!  
My sexy husband!  
What Kiel got me for Valentines Day but I loved spending money on him today so he got a new Bible, and the movies The Pacific and Band of Brothers. He is so hard to get gifts for so I am glad he found some stuff today :) 
I had such a great first married Valentines Day! 


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