Friday, March 7, 2014

{Happy Friday!}

Skirt & T-shirt

I love this skirt and shoes...okay I love the whole outfit! OH and Happy Friday! This is the start of my spring break and I am so excited! My brain needed a break so bad. As a future teacher I had to create a Unit plan with some classmates and it took forever but I am finally done. I had a great time creating it and my group was so great but I am glad it is finished.

I have a lot of things to do this break.

  1. Clean! I am planning on doing some spring cleaning over spring break. 
  2. Go Shopping: for teacher shoes and some statement necklaces. 
  3. Hair cut: Yup I am cutting my long hair. It is getting to long for me to handle and it is driving me nuts. so Next Saturday it is coming off! 
  4. Garden: I want to start a garden so bad so maybe over break I will start :) 
I am also going to relax!  Any suggestions on things I should try over break? Let me know!


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