Thursday, March 13, 2014

{Spring Break}

This week has been long and I got sick again! I am so tired of being sick, it sucks really bad. The Hubs got a new shift so I will take him to work at 5:30 AM every day...that is so early. But he gets off at 2:30pm so I get to hang out with him all afternoon! It really is work with 5:30 am drive. Yesterday I finally got around to cleaning the apartment which I only got a little done so I am hoping I will get more done today. Last night I went and got the Hubs and I Andy's frozen custard! The chocolate is so amazing and smooth and PERFECT! I have been on a kick lately and I am sure that over the past week I have had three cups of this stuff. I also made some Quiche this week with spinach and it was really good, the Hubs ate it up. Tomorrow I am going to go clothes shopping with my mom to teacher clothes and I am so excited to get some shoes! One day soon I will take pictures of all my clothes to show you all!

How is  your week going?


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