Friday, April 4, 2014


1 & 2. Gold, Coral, and Mint pillows. I am redoing my living room soon and I chose these colors! I really love coral and gold is growing on me :) 

3. Decorative Plates! On vintage plates, I love it. I am going to do this probably in the summer. 

4. Bedroom,  I really love this bedroom. the blue on the bed cover is just amazing and I love the contrast with the dark blue wall. 

5. Wreath Tutorial. My favorite is this lovely paper Dalhia wreath! I tried to make one with tape instead of hot glue and that didn't work so use hot glue :) but their are a lot of other wreaths that are super cute from the link. 

6. I love this vintage picture. The bow is just amazing! I would love to have a dress like this. 

7. Blue Peonies! I love this color of blue, it is so beautiful and makes me smile :) 

8. I just love this picture of a man smoking a pipe. I love the eyes and the beard. The Hubs has a big beard and I love it. 

9. I love the lit trees in front of the fire place. It is a perfect pictures of the light and dark contrast! 

10. Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies! I am going to make these today and I am so excited! they look so so so so good! 

11. Bouquet of Ranunaculus, I love the color of these flowers and they are so beautiful I can't even stand it. 

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