Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I took these pictures today at my campus because they are so beautiful and they are the first signs of spring. The last few days rain has been at our door step every day but never fulling coming down. The spring rain is so refreshing. 

I am going to be honest now, the past few weeks we have not been going to work because of the Hubs work schedule changing. We are not able to attend church on Sundays and we said we would on Wednesdays but have not until tonight. And we have been missing out. We went tonight and God really showed up. I looked around me and heard God say, "It's all about the people and it is okay for me to hurt just like they hurt." I walked out feeling Refreshed and that is my word for this week. Refreshed in my walk with God and refreshed that he cares about me and my hurts. I am not physically hurt and I don't really feel mentally hurt but being away from God makes me spiritually hurt and tonight I saw that and I needed it. 

Here is to being refreshed just like Spring. 


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