Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Teacher Outfit Tuesday

  1. Teacher outfit Tuesday! I got this dress at JCPenny's (of course) but it was on sale! 
  2. This blue rag rug is my second but it is made out of sheets and crocheted and I love it, maybe one day I will sell them. 
  3. This was actually my first rug and it a beautiful green and coral. This one is my first and looks the best which I am so surprised at. 
  4. These are some wonderful Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies and they are just so wonderful! I loved them so so so much and so did my girl friends. We had a sleep over this weekend with some other wives while the boys went to a church conference. 
This weekend was so great and tonight I am going to see Divergence! I really can not wait. How has your week been so far? 


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