Thursday, May 1, 2014


About two weeks ago I passed my Praxis (which is Missouri's state test to become a teacher) so I decided to go shopping :) I mean I did just pass a test to be what I have wanted to be since I was a kid. I went to the mall...and Old Navy...and got a super cute Jean Shirt! I want to take it to Ireland with me (yup under 20 days!) but I did not know what to wear it with. So I went to Pinterest :) Here are some ideas of outfits for my trip!

  1. I love the coral jeans and purple (or blue) top with jewelry. I need to work on wearing more jewelry. 
  2. Casual T-shirt and scarf is a must for the trip! 
  3. Jean shirt with lots of necklaces...I need to give it a try. 
  4. I am not big on maxi skirts but I would give it a try with my jean shirt

I have one week of school left then finals. Ireland here I come! 


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