Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cliffs of Moher

On Thursday of our trip we drove to Doolin, which is a little town (I mean little.) just four miles from the Cliffs of Moher. It was a very, very, very scary drive with very narrow roads. The town was super cute and was kind of touristy just because it was so close to the Cliffs. We decided to go eat at the only open pub which was great. There was live music and really great food (which I was surprised a lot but pubs have AMAZING food!) We ate and then Kiel and I headed to bed early.

Friday we went to the cliffs and I bought an awesome hunter green sweater made of Irish wool (a little touristy but it will last me a life time and it turns out I got a good deal on it! YAY me!) We then explored the Cliffs which were amazing and breathtaking, have a look!
All that is the town of Doolin

This was where I got my sweater! Kind of cool right, like little Hobbit holes! 

this place was just a walk down from the Cliffs, it was also very beautiful

I love to say that none of these pictures are doctored in any way. This really was how green the grass was! It was truly beautiful! If you ever go to Ireland it does cost a bit to see the Cliffs but its paying for parking and there is a lot of walking!


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