Sunday, July 6, 2014

Life lately

Sorry I have been away for so long but life has been busy. 
My parents moved to a new house so I helped with that for about four days this past week. I start a new job tomorrow which I am super pumped about! It is a jewelry store so I have to be all fashionable which is kind of hard for me. I am usually a casual dressing person but I have to dress up so it will be fun. 
  • Kiel got me flowers this week which I really needed and they are perfect!
  • Kiel with his crazy hair (we went to a wedding yesterday and his hair was sticking straight up afterwards because of the hair gel) 
  • My dad cooking ribs on his new Oklahoma Joe's smoker. They were amazing! 
  • Kiel and I on a mini date :) We cheated on the Whole30. I know bad right but it was so worth it! #noshame 
I am so ready for this next week to start. A new job and the last week of the Whole30. I am ready for sugar again my friends!

How was your 4th? 


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