Saturday, July 26, 2014

Picture Recap

Hey friends! I have been so busy this week with work, and this next week I am working 5 days. To much if you ask me, and I don't think it is going well for me. We will see. I did spend some time on myself today which included Shopping! And that cheered me up! I also got some FREE clothes from a friend :) 
Express shirt (long enough for leggings!) for FREE! 
Charming Charlie necklace

Before work I decided to pretend I was in France at a Cafe, it worked pretty well! 

New headbands! 

A beautiful bumblebee at my parents house! 

We also had a garage sale and made $80! Can you believe it, Kiel and I were shocked! 

Have a great rest of the weekend friends! 

P.S. Where do you wish you were when drinking your morning coffee!? 

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