Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Dream

I have been longing to go camping have eat some s'mores! The Husband and I want to take more adventures and so we decided to start hiking and camping more. We haven't done it yet but it will happen. Here is some inspiration to keep me going until cooler weather!
Oh, Hello Friend  seemed to have the same idea as myself! 

Man & Camera definitely knows what he is doing! This is what my husband would be doing if we went camping. 

This photo is perfect! My husband has a hammock and wants me to get one but I am scared to sleep out in the open! 

Camping is amazing. I go with my family almost every year but we haven't this year because my parents moved. I am ready to get back out there and have some fun! 


Any camping tips? 

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  1. We recently made this same resolution & I'm excited to get started. Last year we went on our first camping trip and here's my tip: bring something to clean your utensils after you use them on raw meat, or your going to have a struggle making dinner the other nights. .And don't let your tent blow away. (It was a rough time. ;)