Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer List #1

#1 Enjoy a Starbucks after 30 days of no Starbucks=Check! 
#2 Enjoy time at my parents and drying some Dill= Check
#3 Drink lots of mint tea with honey = Check
#4 Enjoy the classic Andy's frozen custard =Check 
#5 Work on photography and buy some flowers just because = Check! 

  • Clean spare room 
  • Walk with husband and dog at least 3 nights a week 
  • Go to the local fair and enjoy some wacky food 
  • Start thinking of student teaching outfits! YAY! 
  • Send a package to each of my best friends (this is important!) 
  • Keep working on Blog 
So many fun things to do yet this summer! 

What are some of your favorite summer past times? 


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