Sunday, August 17, 2014


This past weekend was so busy! I went to the school this past Thursday and Friday and had a blast! I am so excited I am student teaching where I am. This first picture is of my hair Before school started...
This picture is after the school day! My hair was toast lol Thank you recess duty! 
This was my second day outfit, not my favorite but I was in a hurry. It was cooler than my first day outfit which was super warm. 
This weekend I had a mini vacation with my mom and sister as well as my cousin and aunt. We had such a good time and go to hang in a hot tub! 
Last nights sunset was amazing! The colors were great and I don't think this picture does a good job showing that. The yellows, pinks and blues were just breath taking. 

I also got gifts for my sister and mother in law this weekend! Christmas shopping started already. BOOM! :) 

Happy weekend friends! 

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