Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fashion Forward: red and blue

Hey friends! Long time no talk...I know life has been fun and busy lately. 
Today I was suppose to have recess duty but in Missouri it got well over 95 degrees so we could not take the kiddos outside :( so I wore a light red shirt and my blue pants..very patriotic I noticed later. 
My husband took these picts (he is getting better!) and we was talking to me telling me to act sassy and "work it girl"
Normal face
My take on a "sassy face"
Hey guess what! My plants are still alive! Cilantro didn't make it but my other plants did! Yay me! 
I was one of the last people at the school today and it made me so proud. I love school and I am super amazingly blessed to be where I am at this student teaching semester. I can't believe how God opens doors. I am ready for my Friday but also looking forward to seeing the kiddos for the third day in a row! 

Here is to amazing teachers who touch lives! Cheers :) 


P.S. Kids quotes #1 "Adults don't run!" 

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