Sunday, August 24, 2014

Speedy Saturday

The Hubs had a lot to do with this post including the title lol He had an uncle pass away yesterday morning so yesterday was a bit tough so he is going home this next weekend without me to be with his family. 
Yesterday we did a lot and it did feel like a speedy Saturday! When you work all week the weekend becomes more special but it also seems to fly by quicker. 
Farmers Market! 
Another booth 
We just renovated the Farmers Market to be bigger with a more shaded area and it is much nicer. 
We also went to Hobby Lobby and checked out the Christmas stuff :) I fell in love with all the woodland creatures found here!
We also enjoyed some Pineapple Whip! Love this stuff
I know this looks like an agonizing face but it is actually his "Oh my goodness, this stuff is good!" face :) 
Zeus also got a backpack! He looks so good in it! 
I mean how cute is this face????? 

This weekend was packed but I love spending time with Kiel and Zeus. At this moment Zeus is all up in my face trying to read this post. I love this guy. 

Anyway Happy Sunday friends :) 

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