Sunday, September 28, 2014

What You Didn't Know About Ireland!

Ireland calls to me! Oh how I miss it so much. That is a fact. Here are a few things I did not know about Ireland before I went but found out along the way! 
  1. No stop light or stop signs. Pretty much only round about. In the big cities there are some but not many.
  2. No air conditioning! I know right. I did not know this at all, even in the hotel rooms there was no air conditioning. I guess the temperature is to mild all year long to have it. 
  3. Tayto! OMGOSH! best potato chips Ever. Way better than Lays. If you go to a gas station or store get some Tayto chips any flavor!
  4. Twix taste better. I had read this on another blog and didn't believe it but they really do! I am not sure why but they tasted sweeter and crunchier. 
  5. Narrow Roads. You see picts and say, "Oh they aren't that narrow." No, they really are and it's super scary. 
  6. Sheep everywhere. They really are everywhere. 
  7. Cheeky, if you get called Cheeky it means you are being sassy. 
  8. No road kill. In America you are constantly seeing road kill. I did not see any, it doesn't really matter lol but I noticed it :) 
  9. No large predators. The fox is the largest predator on this lovely island. 
  10. The showers only have half doors. No full length shower doors. 
  11. No side of the road pit stops. In America there is one every few feet. Not in Ireland, there was only one or two. 
  12. Cab Drivers. ARE CRAZY! They drive super duper fast. I almost got car sick once because of the fast motion of the car. 
  13. Not dessert people. I love dessert and chocolate but wherever I went there was not a lot of super sugary desserts. It made me sad at first but it was better for me :) 
Thats what I remember the most and thought was the most interesting. If you have any questions let me know! I love Ireland and can't wait to go back as soon as possible!

~Alysse Hobbs 

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