Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sophie's Morning

Dear Realers,

Welcome to my blog. Today I have a special job for you to do because it is editing day! Can you read my story below and help me find better words to make my story more interesting? Look for words like happy, sad and small. I want to make my story great so people will want to read it! Thank you for your help!

Mrs. Hobbs

The sun shone on the little house early one morning. The robins were singing a cheerful song. No one could be gloomy on a day like today! Sophie stepped out onto her porch with a joyful smile on her face. Sophie was a tiny girl but she had a gigantic heart. She looked out into her garden at her beautiful flowers. "Today will be a magnificent day!" she told the robins.

updated by Mrs. Miesner class on 10-15-14

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