Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Let's Be Real

As I sit here and drink my afternoon coffee I am thinking about Christmas music, in-laws and cleaning. Now two of these go and in-laws. The family is coming to town this weekend for Kiel's birthday which I am excited about but also I have a lot of cleaning to do which is not fun at all.

Finances have also been very hard for us lately. I have not have a job in about a year and it is really taking a toll. I am so grateful that we are Not the couple that fights about money because if we did we would be in big trouble. Kiel and I have pretty good communication when it comes to money. I am honestly really excited to start working again and making money. People always think that money doesn't bring happiness. Now sometimes this is true but it really does suck when you don't have money.

My goal this month is to read my Bible more. I have grown up in Church and I have been a Christian since as long as I can remember but I am very bad at reading my Bible. The Bible is suppose to be our manual for living here on Earth and I need to practice... I enjoy reading the Bible and I am going through Jesus's life right now and I am really liking it. Here are the chapter in the Bible about Jesus's life I have read so far.

Luke 1: Preparing for Jesus' Arrival
Luke 2: The Story of Jesus' Birth
Mark 1: The Beginning of Jesus' Ministry
Mark 9: A Day in the Life of Jesus
Matthew 5: Sermon on the Mount

I have 9 more chapters to read after these. My relationship with God has suffered especially since I have been married and I am ashamed of this fact.

Well I feel a lot better letting some of this stuff out of my mind. Life is busy and that is okay, we always need to find ways to do what we enjoy though.


P.S. I am also thinking about Christmas music because it is on the radio and I really want to listen to it but feel guilty because it is way to early to do so.

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