Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Remembering on a Rainy Day

Viking Hair for Halloween
My talented Dad's first try at wood carving. He is legit
We are pretty tuff Vikings :) 
Homemade Apple Pie and it was delish!
The beauty of camping and no make up :) 
Tent in the living room with this handsome man!

He looks like he doesn't like the sweater but he really does lol 

School is going great and I love it. Graduation is in about 6 weeks and then I will be looking for a job. I can't believe it. Today we had off and it has been nice to relax at home and not do much. Halloween was fun but I can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Every year I want to listen to Christmas music earlier and earlier but I am trying to wait till Thanksgiving or close to that time. I sure do love Christmas! The Hubs birthday is this next week and we aren't doing much. His parents are coming to town. Life has been tough lately with our finances so I am ready to get back in the business of earning $$$. Well friends I hope your caught up a little in my life. I also found this a few minutes ago! Oh how I love JT : ) check it out! 

~Alysse Hobbs

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