Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Trip to Kansas City & My Birthday!

Last weekend the Hubs and I decided to take a little trip! We don't do this often so I was really excited to spend some extra time with him. We love to watch shows like Dinners, Drive In's and Dives, Bizarre Foods and Man vs. Food. We found Strouds in Kansas City through the show Man vs. Food and we had to try we did! Best fried chicken EVER and don't even get me started on the cinnamon buns.
I follow Kinfold on Instagram and I have always wanted to see one of their books and I got to in Kansas City at Anthropology! 
Best fried chicken Ever, it was so amazing and if you go to the original restaurant it's in a cute old farm house! 

How amazing are these dishes! I wanted every single one of them, the bee plate is my favorite! 

I so wish I had enough money to buy everything in this store...

Birthday Starbucks! The guy even drew balloons and a birthday cake! 

I also love jelly beans so I treated myself to some Jelly Bellies! 

We tried a local food truck called London Calling...I am not sure what to think about it. I enjoyed it but I was expecting better. 

Look at this handsome guy!

We also got to eat lunch in a double decker bus, which was really the cool part!

Inside the double decker bus taking a birthday/couple selfie! 

Olive Garden dinner selfie!

I had a wonderful birthday, which really started out horrible but ended up being a great day. I am sitting at the apartment drinking cinnamon hot chocolate and watching Harry Potter while baking fresh bread. I have a feeling today will be a good day. 

What is your favorite thing to do for yourself on your birthday? 

~Alysse Hobbs

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