Thursday, January 22, 2015

Family Portrait & A French Press

Hello friends! This week has been busy, we didn't have school Monday and these short weeks seem to last FOREVER. I have been subbing and I really enjoy it, it's a lot of work but I love it. I got my first nice paycheck yesterday since last January. It has been hard living on one income but the Lord really has provided for us and I am SO grateful. Today I took this picture in the car and I love it. Zeus is chillin in the back and the Hubs looks so good. 

We went shopping last week for fun and the Hubs got me a French Press! I had never used one before and I will never go back to making coffee any other way! I LOVE THIS THING! The coffee is creamy and just wonderful. 

I got a new coffee device so of course I have to get me some new coffee! Yay Starbucks!

This next week is my birthday and I really want this book on Classroom Management. I looked through it and it was Amazing! So many good things going on in this book. 

I am excited to get started back to teaching after winter break and enjoying my new coffee press. What is your favorite coffee brand? Maybe I will give it a try :) 

~Alysse Hobbs

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