Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dream Home

Busy, busy, busy! That is my life. Searching for jobs and subbing everyday. I am enjoying subbing so much and learning more that I ever did in school! You really get to experience so much while subbing in different schools. Anyway...other than that I have been enjoying the weather and thinking about the future! Here is a glimpse into my future dreams of a home...

Source Can you believe these doors! I love them so much! 

Source: This site has sooooo many house ideas but I love this deck with the open sun room and deck above. 

Source: This house! The colors and ivy above the door, the perfect hedge! and those windows! 

Source:  Fireplace in the bedroom! How wonderful is the white with accent colors. 

Source:  The black door is brave but I love it, its modern but rustic all at the same time! 

Guys I have been loving the modern look with black and whites. What have you been loving lately?? 


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