Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pinfavorites #8

No source: But I feel like I totally live this. I wake up early, and I feel like I have a pretty organized life but this is always a good idea to keep me up to date.  
Etsy Source: I love, love, love this blanket! I am not sure where she found the fabric but I want this so bad. 

Source: Don't these look amazing! I feel like they are something to eat in the summer time when you want something fresh. 

Source: Aren't these so cute! I am not a big fan of snails but these are just awesome!

No Source: but I feel like this is so me! I love to read and drink tea and coffee. 

Source: I am so in love with this stove! 

I spend way to much time on Pinterest but I sure do love what people find and come up with. Most of my boards deal with Teaching stuff because that is my occupation but I have all kinds of stuff if you would like to follow me and check out my boards! 

Which of your Pinterest boards has the most pins? 
Mine is my Teaching board with 389 pins, ( my Future board has like 600 but that was about weddings and I have already had mine :) 


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