Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ireland: A Year Later

A year ago we were coming home from Ireland. After a year I can honestly say I think about Ireland all the time. I think about the scenery, food and the family I got to meet. The plane trip was worth it! This year the husband and I are headed on a cruise but in a few years Ireland will be seeing us again. Here are a few pictures that remind me of this amazing place! 
I love this picture and I am not sure why... I guess it's so natural lol 
(l-r; Kiel, Gary, Me, Owen)

On the top of the Guinness Factory! 

Ireland is so green! People tell you this but it is so true. It is a completely different type of green than in America. 

This is the view from Kiel's Great Uncle's house. There is a bay and across the bay is Northern Ireland. 

This beach is where my husbands great uncle would bring his kids in the summer, they would walk from their house! 

My husband's great great grandfather used to live in this house. He worked for the Jameson factory and would take the night shift and this house used to be connected to the factory. 

One of my favorite things about Ireland! The Trinity College Library was so amazing that I almost cried. I know super cheesy but it almost happened. 

These stones, I actually kept and have in my bedroom. They are so smooth and starkly white and black. 

BEST FISH EVER! Fresh caught that morning and hand battered. Seriously guys. The Best. 

At a castle in Ireland, the gardens were incredible and Kiel and I loved it. 

My dork, found a crab and had to show everyone :) 

Ireland is amazing and even though I am not from this beautiful island, I feel a part of it. I would love to live there or at least visit once a year. The people are some of the most generous and kind people I have ever met. 

~Alysse Hobbs

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