Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Classroom Decor #1

I have to say that I am super duper excited about this upcoming year! My first year as a teacher!!!!!! First grade is a little intimidating for me but I think that I will rock it. My family has already been so generous with helping me create that classroom that I want. This post is about the last few things that I have bought for the classroom. Some things were given to me and some I bought but they are all exactly what I wanted! 

Bought by aunt, who was a first grade teacher for more than 15 years! I have 6 and I love them. Can you believe she found these at a garage sale? 

My aunt also found these for the tables, I believe I have 6 as well! I love the color!

Found this at our local Veterans Resale shop. It was a little over $2 but I will love it for my desk.

Filing system. I am not sure where I am going to put this (probably close to my desk, or maybe my horse shoe table) but I also got it for under $2 at the local re-tale shop. 

I figured I could use this as a catch all for papers or notes from kids! 
Got this at Hobby Lobby and it was 50% off! So I got it for around $2. I am either going to use it in the library or as a welcome sign! 
This next section is all from the Dollar Tree! So everything was $1. I love these buckets, not sure what I am going to use them for yet but I love them. 
You always need more waste baskets right? 
Also don't know what I am going to use these for, but you will always need more storage! 
These, I love! They will be used for the glue or maybe another school supply. 
Cute baskets for whatever :) 
These are my library baskets! I am sure that I will need to buy more.
I am planning on using composition notebooks for almost every subject so I am going to use these for storage for the notebooks
For the crayons...
I was wanting one of these so bad! I bought it at Lowe's for $16 and change. I have already bought the labels and can't wait to get started! 

I am so excited for school to start. My next goal is to work on curriculum and study the Math and Reading curriculum books. Planbook.com is going to be my online lesson plans but I believe I will also have written ones as well. 

Any advise for a first year teacher? 

~Alysse Hobbs

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Recent Happenings

I recieved a notification on my Iphone last week that I did not have enough space for pictures! I know! I couldn't believe I had used so much space so today I went through my photo's and found a few I wanted to share.
Veggie Crepe from The Aviary in town! 

Pomme Friets and a Lobster Salad 

Blueberry and Lemon Curd Crepe

Nutella Crepe all from The Aviary

I can't remember the name of this flower but I LOVE THEM!

My sister and I a few weeks ago

My Hubbs, myself and my sissy

The parent's garden is amazing this year. I can't wait to have my own! Pink Raspberries are to die for and we got a huge load of them two days ago! 

Another one!

I am not sure what this flower is but it is also in my parents yard and I thought it was beautiful!
Please enjoy a slow-mo of a bee on a flower :) 

~Alysse Hobbs

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pinfavorites #9

Quotes: I love the way that this picture goes from the book into the scenery! It's just so beautiful and the quote is as well. 

Cold Remedy: This is AMAZING! Guys for real, as a teacher my throat gets sore very often and this remedy kills the cold a.s.a.p. It's hard to take but it is very much worth it. 

Gold & Black Desk: I am loving Gold & Black! In my living room and I am planning on having it in my classroom as well. I also love the font, very Great Gatsby :) 

Lemon Plant: This is on my bucket list to do. I haven't done it yet of course but I love the idea of having a lemon tree in a mug!

John Krasinski!: This man is beautiful! Even in The Office, I loved this guy. I mean look at this picture! Anyway enjoy some more John ;) 

Last but not least please enjoy this video! #mockingjay2

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Life has come at me like a freight train this past week. Our apartments kicked out our dog, so we applied for a loan, my student loans start this next month and we are working on finding a house. I can't quite figure it all out in my brain.

In these times I find that God always shows up. To be honest it has been rough trusting God right now. I think we are so wrapped up in our brain and trying to figure it out ourselves that trusting God seems rough. In March, the hubs and I had three weeks to find a car, we couldn't decide whether we wanted a loan or to pay cash. It was a situation just like the one we are in now, it was a tight time line, stressful and just rough overall.

In these situations this verse comes to me every time,

The verse is much longer but leaning not on my own understanding always stands out the most. To trusting God my friends.

~Alysse Hobbs