Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Life has come at me like a freight train this past week. Our apartments kicked out our dog, so we applied for a loan, my student loans start this next month and we are working on finding a house. I can't quite figure it all out in my brain.

In these times I find that God always shows up. To be honest it has been rough trusting God right now. I think we are so wrapped up in our brain and trying to figure it out ourselves that trusting God seems rough. In March, the hubs and I had three weeks to find a car, we couldn't decide whether we wanted a loan or to pay cash. It was a situation just like the one we are in now, it was a tight time line, stressful and just rough overall.

In these situations this verse comes to me every time,

The verse is much longer but leaning not on my own understanding always stands out the most. To trusting God my friends.

~Alysse Hobbs

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