Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pinfavorites #9

Quotes: I love the way that this picture goes from the book into the scenery! It's just so beautiful and the quote is as well. 

Cold Remedy: This is AMAZING! Guys for real, as a teacher my throat gets sore very often and this remedy kills the cold a.s.a.p. It's hard to take but it is very much worth it. 

Gold & Black Desk: I am loving Gold & Black! In my living room and I am planning on having it in my classroom as well. I also love the font, very Great Gatsby :) 

Lemon Plant: This is on my bucket list to do. I haven't done it yet of course but I love the idea of having a lemon tree in a mug!

John Krasinski!: This man is beautiful! Even in The Office, I loved this guy. I mean look at this picture! Anyway enjoy some more John ;) 

Last but not least please enjoy this video! #mockingjay2

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