Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 3 In the Classroom

Today was day 3 in my room! I got there about 11 am and left around 4:30 (I also took a lunch!) The Hubs came with me today and I could NOT have done it without him. I sure am glad a married a good one :) I feel like I got so much done today! I really feel like I got things organized. I still have a lot to do but I am feeling real good right about now.

The Cabinets!  So when I first arrived in my room, the former teacher had a TON of games. They were just sitting out on the top of the cubbies and it looked bad Horrible! It really just looked dysfunctional. The Hubs thought so as well, so he had the Amazing idea to find some cabinets. I thought it wasn't a great idea at first, but he sure did prove me wrong (don't tell him I said that!) So we went to a re-tale shop and got a cabinet for $5! I now just 5 bucks. We got really lucky. We painted it white and now almost all the games are stored away! Check it out below...
The cabinet! with some games already in it. 

I love it when he helps! 

Here is is all closed up! I am going to have to come up with something clever for the left side of the cabinet. Apparently that door could not be found...

The town I am teaching in is so small they have a cafe called Ma's. It was very very good, the little place had no ventilation for the kitchen so we ended up smelling like a stove top grill for a few hours after we ate...

I also made my own bulletin board! I used painters tape (it wasn't quite straight but the border made up for it) 

Some sites say to use hot glue on top of the painters tape to help keep the paper up but we just taped the paper down and...... (see below)

I covered the tape with the border! YAY me!

My teacher area! a work in progress

other side of teacher area, I have very little storage

Daily 5 table, bulletin board and some tables

It is starting to look like a classroom!

Blue word wall in the background!

Cubbies, a dolly (which can never be found lol) my cabinet and a number line that will be taken down :)

Lovely cabinet!

Writing station...another work in progress!!!

Things are really starting to look good and I am feeling a whole bunch better about my room and the set up! Let me know what you think :)

~Alysse Hobbs

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 1 & 2 Back in the Classroom

As you have seen in my last couple of posts...I was so excited to get back in my room! I went in on Monday for a few hours and went through my cabinets, well I only have two. That is one thing that I am sad about, there is very little storage in my room so I am making some :) (more on this later) Anyway here are some of my pictures from Day 1

Here it is! This was as I was leaving so it actually looked a bit organized lol 

Here is a better view, I am so glad that I have windows! I am actually on the corner of the building as well! 

Again, just a bigger view.

The light is better here! The bins are full of books (which are now organized!) 

The Hubs and I went to a retail store to look for some shelves! We found some and they were really cheap. Anyway I found this chair and it made me think of a Native type Game of Thrones chair lol

We also chose to go to McAlisters! (which tomorrow is free tea day!) I love my sweet tea! 

Day 2 was filled with cleaning, organizing and putting my books in order! Which all got done! YAY YAY YAY! 

I am reading a book right now about teaching and well this is the first stage apparently, which I am so in right now! 

The start of the library! There was no real "corner" for the library so I am putting it against the wall near the windows, we will see how it goes! 

My rug! It was the only one they had but I sure do like the saying! 

My morning meeting area

Almost finished with the library! I need to print my labels and get the two chairs that I bought into the room. I am also going to make the crates into a bench! 

After a long days work I thought I deserved a treat :) 

More to come! 
Alysse Hobbs

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Classroom Favorites

As a new teacher it is very exciting to get new things for your room! You get to pick out the colors you want, how to set up your room and how to get things organized...(my favorite part!) I wanted to share with you some of the items I have bought recently that are my favorite! 

Board erasers! I now actually have three of these but my other one (which is a fox!) is packed away somewhere. 
So I have heard a lot about this paper! Many other teacher bloggers love using it so I just had to buy some today. 
These folders were just the cutest! I had a hard time choosing between these and a blue and yellow theme folders but the colors won out! 
Aren't these wonderful! As you can see by the price tag, they weren't cheap but I did get them 20% off so in my mind that makes it okay...sort of :) 
Now, I have wanted some of these light for Forever. I finally got some but only because they were on sale. Most go for $11 or more but I got these for $8.50
The mug I got from Gordmans in the sale section for about $4 (which my mother-in-law bought me :) and I am sure you can guess where the Wallflower is from..Bath and Body Works! I just loved the coral color! 
Dollar Store buy! Yay! It was around $2 but I loved it and it is a chalkboard so I am going to put my name on it! 
This is from the Dollar Tree so it was only $1! If you can tell I am loving the Chalkboard theme! 
This book has been wonderful! It is so useful! So many check lists, which you know that us teachers love! 

I am so excited to start sharing pictures of my classroom with you soon! (If I can ever get in it) lol 
Soon, very soon! 

~Alysse Hobbs

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Classroom Decor #2

I am so excited to get into the classroom (like I have said 3 million times lol) But yesterday my sister and I spray painted some of the stuff for the room! My parents had some spray paint so I painted my stuff for FREE! I know right. I didn't get to choose the colors but I liked the ones my parents had anyway so it all worked out in the end. My husband was there as well but he helped out my parents and mowed the lawn (my knight in shining...grass.) lol 

My sister is kind of crazy lol but she is the Best! 

I am so in love with the gold! I wish I could do the whole room in gold but maybe in a few years :) 
The blue is also my favorite! Only four more weeks will school starts for me. I am so ready to get going! 

~Alysse Hobbs