Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 1 & 2 Back in the Classroom

As you have seen in my last couple of posts...I was so excited to get back in my room! I went in on Monday for a few hours and went through my cabinets, well I only have two. That is one thing that I am sad about, there is very little storage in my room so I am making some :) (more on this later) Anyway here are some of my pictures from Day 1

Here it is! This was as I was leaving so it actually looked a bit organized lol 

Here is a better view, I am so glad that I have windows! I am actually on the corner of the building as well! 

Again, just a bigger view.

The light is better here! The bins are full of books (which are now organized!) 

The Hubs and I went to a retail store to look for some shelves! We found some and they were really cheap. Anyway I found this chair and it made me think of a Native type Game of Thrones chair lol

We also chose to go to McAlisters! (which tomorrow is free tea day!) I love my sweet tea! 

Day 2 was filled with cleaning, organizing and putting my books in order! Which all got done! YAY YAY YAY! 

I am reading a book right now about teaching and well this is the first stage apparently, which I am so in right now! 

The start of the library! There was no real "corner" for the library so I am putting it against the wall near the windows, we will see how it goes! 

My rug! It was the only one they had but I sure do like the saying! 

My morning meeting area

Almost finished with the library! I need to print my labels and get the two chairs that I bought into the room. I am also going to make the crates into a bench! 

After a long days work I thought I deserved a treat :) 

More to come! 
Alysse Hobbs

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