Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 3 In the Classroom

Today was day 3 in my room! I got there about 11 am and left around 4:30 (I also took a lunch!) The Hubs came with me today and I could NOT have done it without him. I sure am glad a married a good one :) I feel like I got so much done today! I really feel like I got things organized. I still have a lot to do but I am feeling real good right about now.

The Cabinets!  So when I first arrived in my room, the former teacher had a TON of games. They were just sitting out on the top of the cubbies and it looked bad Horrible! It really just looked dysfunctional. The Hubs thought so as well, so he had the Amazing idea to find some cabinets. I thought it wasn't a great idea at first, but he sure did prove me wrong (don't tell him I said that!) So we went to a re-tale shop and got a cabinet for $5! I now just 5 bucks. We got really lucky. We painted it white and now almost all the games are stored away! Check it out below...
The cabinet! with some games already in it. 

I love it when he helps! 

Here is is all closed up! I am going to have to come up with something clever for the left side of the cabinet. Apparently that door could not be found...

The town I am teaching in is so small they have a cafe called Ma's. It was very very good, the little place had no ventilation for the kitchen so we ended up smelling like a stove top grill for a few hours after we ate...

I also made my own bulletin board! I used painters tape (it wasn't quite straight but the border made up for it) 

Some sites say to use hot glue on top of the painters tape to help keep the paper up but we just taped the paper down and...... (see below)

I covered the tape with the border! YAY me!

My teacher area! a work in progress

other side of teacher area, I have very little storage

Daily 5 table, bulletin board and some tables

It is starting to look like a classroom!

Blue word wall in the background!

Cubbies, a dolly (which can never be found lol) my cabinet and a number line that will be taken down :)

Lovely cabinet!

Writing station...another work in progress!!!

Things are really starting to look good and I am feeling a whole bunch better about my room and the set up! Let me know what you think :)

~Alysse Hobbs

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