Monday, November 9, 2015

Update: The Real World is Here

The real world is here, we have moved from our apartments and are living with my parents. That is the good part, my parents are GREAT and the Hubs gets along with them swimmingly. We have also started looking at houses...that is the hard part; what loan works, the houses I like the Hubs does not like, the house it so old,  its to cookie cutter. There is so much that goes into this. We have looked at four houses and I am so discouraged. I feel overwhelmed and exhausted. To make myself feel better here is some house inspiration from Pinterest.






I have figured I like gray and white at the moment. I also like french doors and open spaces. What do you enjoy about houses? What sold you when you bought your house? 

~Alysse Hobbs

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  1. Don't be discouraged - be encouraged because God works ALL things for your good when you love & honor Him. Stay in the Lord's presence and to keep focused on His fullness of joy & you guys will find the perfect place in the perfect timing!!

    Also - know that you're not alone; buying a house is an exhausting process & requires a lot of work on a lot of fronts. But the Lord will go before you & walk with you. Love you guys!