Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Whats Up?

What's up? Well lately it has been getting colder and colder! Which I love because it means I can pull out my scarves and sweaters. 
I love the app Studio, there are so many cute designs and you can add text and all types of things! 
The Hubs asked me to go get propane for the grill... I was not excited about it so I stopped and got a Starbucks! Because I mean what else would I get???  I then realized I had SO much red on! 

I loved this candle from Bath and Body works! The Hubs liked it but not as much as I did. I had this burning in the bedroom almost every night. It didn't last long, I burned it so much!

The Hubs, I mean come on! How hipster does he look! He actually is the furthest thing from hipster but I am working on him... :) oh and my pretty doggy Zeus! 

The mother in law and I made these! Don't they look delish! 

I found this lovely calendar at B&N a few weeks ago, I love the scenery!

It's true, I love mugs! All kinds, shapes and sizes. I also really want a hedgehog... lol 
I found these at Caribou Coffee! They also have a beautiful mug that is marble colored with a gold handle. 

Here are a few Bloggers I found this week that I am enjoying :) 

Check them out and Enjoy!


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