Monday, December 7, 2015

2015 Christmas Party

The Hubs and I met at Chi Alpha in college. Every year a group of us get together for our Christmas party. All of the couple met in Chi Alpha and then got married! It's a tradition!

Left to Right: Becca, Kim, Candace, Mercedes, Me and Little Eliana (she belongs to Candace!)

This picture was not planned and that is what I love about my girlfriends!

The whole crew, minus my husband :( 

Me, Nii and Andy. Andy is the Chi Alpha director and the one in front. We had such an amazing time that night. I really felt like an adult... we talked about work, marriage and all things adult. It was completely different from our college conversations. It made me feel old!

Zeus wanted to cuddle!

Literally would not let me have my arm back..

Selfie, I had to :) 

The whole group after dinner!

Being creative

I meant to take a picture of Zeus with his eyes open, but that didn't happen lol I realized it after I took the picture

Coming home from the grocery store

Merry Christmas

Face Mask from Lush! OMGOSH so amazing! and all natural :) 

8 more days of school left before break! I am treating myself with my next paycheck. I have a manicure/pedicure in the picture! #pamperyourself 


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